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Bonus: Happy Anniversary!!!

Six years ago this beautiful girl married me.  Of her own volition!  I didn’t have to drug her or anything.  Here is a pic I snapped on top of Mount Mitchell the year before, on the trip where we got engaged.  Happy anniversary, baby.  I love you.

ISO 50, 1/160 sec @ f/7.1, 7.41mm
Canon PowerShot S400 
Mount Mitchell – Mt. Mitchell State Park, NC USA
June 11, 2006  1:42 PM
© DRS 2013,
(cc) by-nc-nd

Quotes, Poems & Visions

The difference between real material poison and intellectual poison is that most material poison is disgusting to the taste, but intellectual poison, which takes the form of cheap newspapers or bad books, can unfortunately sometimes be attractive.

~ Leo Tolstoy


Philosopher” by Václav Havel, from Antikódy

Death As a Way of Life

It began:

1. Life is not fair
2. How can I be happy while others suffer
3. How can I not be happy while others suffer
4. Others will suffer whether or not I am happy
5. It is not the suffering of others that causes my happiness
6. It is not the not-suffering of others that causes my unhappiness

I have been attracted to the idea that naming is a form of violence
but does that mean we should go around calling everyone Hey You
which seems like another sort of violence
even though it is a way of recognizing the other
as other

What can be said on this point?

~ Anna Moschovakis, from You and Three Others Are Approaching a Lake

Into the Strenuous Briefness

into the strenuous briefness
handorgans and April

i charge laughing.
Into the hair-thin tints
of yellow dawn,
into the women-coloured twilight

i smilingly
glide.    I
into the big vermilion departure

(Do you think?)the
i do,world
is probably made
of roses & hello:

(of solongs and,ashes)

~ e.e. cummings

What can be asserted without evidence can also be dismissed without evidence.

~ Christopher Hitchens

Inside this pencil
crouch words that have never been written
never been spoken
never been taught

they’re hiding

they’re awake in there
dark in the dark
hearing us
but they won’t come out
not for love not for time not for fire

even when the dark has worn away
they’ll still be there
hiding in the air
multitudes in days to come may walk through them
breathe them
be none the wiser

what script can it be
that they won’t unroll
in what language
would I recognize it
would I be able to follow it

to make out the real names
of everything

maybe there aren’t
it could be that there’s only one word
and it’s all we need
it’s here in this pencil

every pencil in the world
is like this

~ W. S. Merwin


~ bpNichol, from still water

With stammering lips and insufficient sound I strive and struggle to deliver right the music of my nature.

~ Elizabeth Barrett Browning

The airy sky has taken its place leaning against the wall.
It is like a prayer to what is empty.
And what is empty turns its face to us
and whispers:
"I am not empty, I am open."

~ Tomas Tranströmer

Because I’m the size of what I see
And not the size of my stature.

~ Fernando Pessoa (as Alberto Caeiro), from The Keeper of Sheep

Flavescent Florets

ISO 100, 1/1250 sec @ f/2.8, 105mm
Nikon D800  |  Micro-NIKKOR 105mm f/2.8 
The Horseshoe, USC – Columbia, South Carolina USA
March 14, 2013  12:23 PM
© DRS 2013,
(cc) by-nc-nd

Going Somewhere, Nowhere

Esther Bubley Adrian Paci Murad Osmann Yann Arthus-Bertrand Clara Stella Rikki Kasso Chris Steele-Perkins Kevin Burg Andrew Brooks May Pamintuan

Mr. Miles in Profile

ISO 800, 1/1000 sec @ f/5.3, 240mm
Nikon D90  |  Sigma 70.0-300.0mm f/4.0-5.6 
Cypress Point – Lake Martin, Alabama USA
May 6, 2012  10:41 AM
© DRS 2013, (cc) by-nc-nd

This Tuesday: Mini Artists’ Studios, Books, Daredevils, Bad English & Good Music

It’s Tuesday.  You’re still staring down the majority of the work week.  Friday seems far, far away.  Do not despair.  The internet provides.

This fellow has created miniature sculptures of famous artists in their studios.  Neat because it recreates their workspaces and because it is so intricate and detailed.  What’s not to like?

Jackson Pollock, by Joe Fig

A Japanese couple retires; builds a bookstore and café to live in.  I could live like this.

No, dude.  Dude.  No.

Mustang Wanted Photography

Sign translations in foreign airports need a little more work on their English.

William Boyle at The Rumpus has a splendid and heartbreaking write-up/tribute to Jason Molina’s magnum opus, Magnolia Electric Co.  My thoughts exactly.