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Foto Friday: Around the Web

It is time for another collection of ten photographs I found and loved on the www.


Washington, USA, 2012 by Jan Cieslikiewicz



Frida by Gonzalo Sainz Sotomayor


Morning Light by Seanen Middleton


untitled by Gaston Torres


в е н е ц и я by Sergey Neamoscou


1/What A Wonderful Day by Polina Brzhezinskaya


Untitled by Mark Peckmezian


Jennifer Sullins (Ryonen) by Justin Tyler Norton


untitled by Ren-Hang


from Last Launch by Dan Winters

A Wet Web

ISO 1600, 1/30 sec @ f/5.6, 300mm
Nikon D90  |  Nikkor 70.0-300.0mm f/4.0-5.6
September 3, 2012  12:43 PM
© DRS 2012, All Rights Reserved

Timesuck Tuesday: Nick Cave’s New Album

768965-cave-lgeWoke up this morning in sunny Sarasota, Florida… to news that freakin’ Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds have recorded a new album to be released next February.  Down the YouTube rabbithole we go!  First:  here’s the trailer.

Push The Sky Away–New Album Trailer

Now – my favorite song of all time, why not?

There She Goes, My Beautiful World

Or Nick, tender and melodic….

And No More Shall We Part

Or with Grinderman at his most raw…

No Pussy Blues

Or stripped down…

Into My Arms

Young, energetic, frenetic…

From Her To Eternity

How about the most badass folk ballad ever…

Stagger Lee

There is oh, so much more.  But soon it won’t be Tuesday anymore, now will it?  Keeping making music, Mr. Cave.  Damn.

Sunday Stimuli: Inked Up

Every Sunday, I am going to try to post something I find inspirational –  whether it be creatively or motivationally or whatever.  I’m going to start things off with some excellent body art.  If I weren’t so indecisive I would love to get something of my own.  Perhaps one day.


via Elexa Jeffrey


Portland, OR skyline via Fuck Yeah, Tattoos!



Bob Dylan lyrics via Fuck Yeah, Tattoos!


a tattoo by David Hale in Athens, GA via Fuck Yeah, Tattoos! (because I love things with antlers)


from Eliot’s "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock" via The Word Made Flesh


from an e.e. cummings poem via The Word Made Flesh

Is there anything I find powerful enough to get it permanently etched in my skin?  Still vacillating. 


Bryant-Denny Iron Bowl 2012 “Tradition” Video

It’s time.

I am a UA grad married to an AU grad.  After the game we will hug, say "good game", and settle in to eat some two-inch thick ribeyes and watch USC v. Notre Dame, and all will be well.  Best of luck to both teams; to my great friends who are fans of either one or the other.  Now, boys, go out there and beat the hell out of Auburn.  Roll Tide.

Foto Friday: Alma Matters

I post one iPhone photo per day taken with the excellent and fun Hipstamatic app.  Unfortunately, there are some days that the choice of which photo to post is very difficult.  Some snapshots do not deserve to die, even if they are not THE schnappschüsse.  These snaps were taken over the course of the past two football weekends in Tuscaloosa, AL.  Appropriate, as tomorrow is the Iron Bowl.  The first three are of Bryant-Denny Stadium.




Note:  The first and third photographs are from the Texas A&M game.  Pregame.  The only part of this game that was enjoyable.  Onward.


The Crimson Promenade.  My brother and I have a brick dedicated to us here somewhere. 



Front and back pictures of my old apartment on Riverside Drive – one block behind The Houndstooth on the Strip.  I lived here for a year… from Summer 2003 to Summer 2004, I believe.  The building is divided into four apartments.  Mine was on the top left (from the front… top right from the back).  The front door in the first photograph opens onto a staircase that goes straight up to the top two apartment entrances.  I once was catapulted down those stairs by a toppling treadmill.  This was Miles’ first home.  You could hear critters scurrying around in the attic and behind the walls at night.  It was the best place I ever lived as a student, without question.  I love that it is still here.


Clark Hall across from Gorgas Library, home of the College of Arts & Sciences.