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Let’s Do It Again

Seven days ’til game one.

Vacationing 1.1

Summer Lamp

Photogenic New York

A few months ago, the NYC Department of Records put some 870,000 of its Municipal Archive photos online.  I could spend days going through this collection.  And I will.  And I will share it with you, because wow. 


Manhattan Bridge

Lucky Luciano

40th & 6th

NYC Municipal Archives via The Daily Mail

Here are some other New York City photographs discovered in my meanderings around the internet and filed away.  Enjoy:


both by iheartmyart


via Unusual Young … wait, crap, that’s from the Archives too… screw it, they’re all amazing.


by Ciro Miguel via This isn’t Happiness


by Several seconds via This isn’t Happiness


by nclove via Photons



by Steven Siegel via This isn’t Happiness


by Andrew C. Mace, Richard Alexander Caraballo, Moniza, and Trey Ratcliff, respectively… all via DPS