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Time Since Reboot

  • 1252 days, 3 hours, 30 minutes, 29 seconds ago


a blank page blinding me under a sun
an asscrack sidewalk day
    a ribbon melting
a slow awake     affluence in tongues
clatter of bicycle chains
on the bowery    the coffee bean
        the artists
the    ass cracks

the glass with the sky
reflected inside it     the craft
of the structure
    the people in spite of it
the trees springing through
all the concrete and hangovers
    here is some greenery
take what     you
want of it

and the heat and espresso
    steam sunglasses on
        it installs a whole
world to cast my     dreams upon
it would take a whole age
to dismiss     but with
    just     one     swift
kick     from her boot
it all spirals away into dust into space
into cultures

Jesus     it is starving
where are you
I need you
    I felt you
or else I once felt the idea of you
    now I am empty
    a page in the sunshine
a perfect example     a
creature in night time
hotel rooms     bar rooms
municipal vehicles
machinery of adult things
I weep     for a childhood